I'm Alan, just an ordinary Dad who loves his son. I don't consider myself an artist and credit any skill I may have to my 8th grade art class. I don't doodle and hadn't drawn anything of substance for nearly 20 years before we started this project. Now, every morning before school I draw something new on my son's snack sack. Victor comes up with an idea, I Google an image, he chooses, and I do my best.

Victor is 8 and in the 2nd grade. We started this project when he was 6 and in Kindergarten. We've drawn a new snack sack just about every day for two full school years, now in our third. It's been a treat to watch Victor grow more sentimental about them over the years. He tossed out all but his favorites at the start. Now he saves each and every one.

We have over 400 snack sacks drawn so far. More than half of those are represented here in this blog. I'm playing catch-up writing these vignettes that attempt to capture the essence of each morning. I'm working hard to publish all the snack sacks drawn to date.

What started out as a random desire to try something more original turned into a means for a father and son to add some creative expression to their mornings together.

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