Friday, May 31, 2013

How about a bouncy castle...

How about a bouncy castle...

Bouncy Castle

"What's for the snack sack today?" I asked.

"How about a bouncy castle?" he suggested.

"Sure!" I said, simultaneously pulling out my iPhone and starting a Google image search. I tried, but could not find a line drawing of a bouncy castle. I handed him the iPhone and he picked this one. "This is going to be hard," I announced.

"Not for me," he said confidently.

"You wanna try?" I asked with a slight challenge in my voice.

"Sure!" he said. 

I was surprised by his answer, but it was cool that he was interested. I wasn't sure he'd have enough time, but felt that if he was diligent he could get it done. Perhaps he'll start and I'll finish? I thought. "You'll have to eat quickly and get completely ready first," I let him know.

"Okay," he said intent on earning the chance.

Without his usual delays, he finished his breakfast and brushed his teeth. He came over and took my usual chair. He picked up the Sharpie and got to work. I coached him through the steps of analyzing the picture and deciding how to get started. He had seen me draw so many sacks that he emulated my tactics. He studied the drawing, placed down the Sharpie, and began at the top of the castle.

It wasn't easy for him to maintain perspective, but I kept pointing out subtleties in the curves and shadows to help him recognize such details. I explained techniques on how to fix some of his errors and how to avoid others. Although I gave him guidance along the way, he really did take on the challenge on his own. He added the stars and embellishments at the top of the castle. 

His name, normally his opportunity to draw on the sack in a creative way, took on a more straight forward purpose this time, namely to announce that this was "Victor's Drawing." Indeed! All the lines drawn are his own.

His face showed how proud he was to have drawn the entire sack on his own. My face showed that I was even prouder.

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