Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Henry and Daddo Hugglemonster

Henry and Daddo Hugglemonster

Henry and Daddo Hugglemonster

"Does ESS need a snack sack or do I just put it in your lunch?" There was no school today for some reason so he was going to his extended school services program all day today.


"Do you want me to do a snack sack today?"


"Okay, what's your idea for today?"

"The Golden Gate Bridge."

"Pick something new, not something we've already done before," I said a bit too harshly. I was feeling surly after a poor night's sleep. He looked displeased that I had jumped all over him.

The TV show, Henry Hugglemonster, was coming on and he exclaimed, "Henry!"

"Sure," I said.

"Can you do his whole family?" he asked expectantly.

"No," I said knowing that I didn't have the time. We were already running behind schedule.

"Okay, do Daddo." He considered alternatives, "Can you do Henry and his dad?"

"Sure," I said reluctantly. It was sweet though to draw a father and son, even if they were huggable monsters. He asked me to add the flower that stands between them. It is in the reference image but the arrangement of the characters is different.

He didn't see the finished product until we were on our way out. "Ooh, I like it," he said after looking at it for nary a second before stuffing it into his backpack. 

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