Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

"Do my bug-y bot-y." He was referring to one of his toys on the kitchen table. "Never mind. Don't do bug-bot. Ugh. I don't know what to do!" he said suddenly exasperated.

"How about you think of something from school?" I suggested randomly.

"I want you to do the Back to Summer Festival." We had just gone to his school's festival this past weekend.

"Huh?" I said a bit confused.

"I want you to do the rock wall," he clarified. For the most part he didn't enjoy himself, but one of the few things he did enjoy there was the rock climbing wall. He made it all the way to the top after some hesitation at the beginning.

I did a search and we picked a photograph that looked very similar to both the rock wall and the field in which the festival was held. I wasn't sure how it might turn out, but I like the final product and so did he. "Ooh, I like it!" he said when he saw it.

We worked together to hide his letters on the wall. He took a close look at the drawing, comparing it to the picture. "Can you add little lines for, like, tall grass?" he asked. 

"That's not what's in the picture," I noted, pointing out the short cut grass in the photo.

"Can you just do that? It will look better," he cajoled in a cute voice. I had no choice but to comply, although I did so hastily. "Yeah, that's better," he said unconvincingly.

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