Monday, May 20, 2013

A Couch

A Couch


"Have you ever done a couch?"

"A couch?"

"Yeah. A couch."

"No, I've never done a couch."

"Okay! Let's do a couch!"


 I ran a search and handed him my iPhone. "Found it! Here!"

"Why'd you pick this one?"

"'Cause I just like it."

It is a very modern couch designed by an Italian furniture company. It looks sleek but not at all comfortable. The rigidity of the lines and stiff appearance are contrasted by the utilitarian nature of the storage compartments under the cushions. The seats are covered in deep red leather. Perhaps it caught his attention because it is a couch style very different from our own deep pillow, black leather, dual reclining love seat. It's always a surprise what catches his attention.

I struggled with this one just as I have with all of the references that come from pictures or that are simplistic in their lines. The perspective and proportions are not on target and overall it just feels a bit bland, especially after yesterday's deep sea scene.

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