Monday, June 2, 2014

How about a mamba...

Black Mamba Snake

Black Mamba Snake

"Dad, would you like to be called a boob?"

"No." That's one way to start our morning, I thought. I immediately had images of the Horton Hears a Who! movie in which the Mayor is called a boob. "Why did you ask me that?"

"Because the Mayor is called a boob," he answered, assuming I knew exactly what he was talking about, which I did. He had seen the movie again at school on Friday. "Would you like to be called a boob?" he asked again.

"No. Do you want me to draw Horton?"

He ignored the suggestion.

"What should we do then?"

"Me as a tiny little baby! Hahaha! Just kidding. How about a Rubik's Cube?"

Last night, I had obsessively worked on solving the Rubik's Cube. I messed up so many times before I was finally able to copy the YouTube instructions without error. There it sat on the kitchen table successfully solved. "Um," I uttered.

"Just kidding! How about a mamba?"

"What's a mamba?"

"It's an animal from India, someone told me."

I looked it up having forgotten what a mamba was. "Oh, it's a snake," I said, once I saw the search results. That made me think of Kobe Bryant's nickname...The Black Mamba. I handed Victor my iPhone and he picked one quickly.

"Just do this one. It's not a mamba, but it is a snake."

"Well it says 'Black Mamba' on it, so maybe it is a mamba."

"Oh, I see."

I was very disappointed that I didn't leave enough room to draw its tongue. Its tongue is one of the coolest parts of the original reference because it's long and curly. There just wasn't any room for it and there was nothing I could do about it.

When he saw it finished, he said, "Oh, it's too bad you didn't have room for the..." He trailed off as he gestured with his finger and tongue.

"I know. I'm super frustrated that I didn't leave room."

"You could add it here," he suggested, opening the bag up some. He had the idea that I could still add it under the crease of the sack.

I tried it and it worked. "It worked," I shouted.

"I told you!"

"Yup, it worked! Great idea!" It was a great idea. How very clever! 

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