Monday, August 27, 2012

What if my name was bitten out of a cookie?

What if my name was bitten out of a cookie?

Bitten cookie

Turns out he did notice the feet and has become curious about the process. I talked to him about being creative and doing something more than just writing his name on the bag like everyone else does. I talked to him about challenging myself to come up with new ways to draw his name. He took the idea to a whole new level. While I was just thinking about how to write his actual name in different ways using different styles of letter forms, he showed that he's way more creative than I am.

"What if my name was bitten out of a cookie?" I wasn't sure exactly what he meant when he first said it. I wasn't sure how to draw it either. And wasn't thinking of drawing actual things in addition to writing his name. He ended up taking the Sharpie. He didn't like how his name turned out (see it in the top part of the crunch) and didn't think it was visible enough, so he rewrote it on the cookie too.

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