Friday, August 31, 2012

I want my name to be on a hat...

I want my name to be on a hat...

The Onceler

The family has been watching The Lorax pretty much every day lately. So when he told me yesterday that he wanted his name on a hat, the first thought thing I thought of was of the "How Bad Can I Be" scene in which the Onceler has on a bright green suit and a matching top hat. It's a cool looking hat so I searched for a picture of that scene in the movie Google Image search. I found an illustration I liked better and tried to copy it. It doesn't look too much like the image I found, but it helped me make something that I really like. I was surprised when the face came out looking cool too. As I've mentioned, I'm no artist and don't doodle. So anything that looks recognizably like what it was supposed to be makes me feel good.

Where to add his name was an afterthought on this one. Maybe I should have incorporated it in better somehow. He liked this one although he told me that it wasn't quite what he had in mind. Oh well, I guess I can try harder next time! I like it.

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