Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How about my letters on some flowers...

How about my letters on some flowers...

Vase of flowers

This one is one of my own personal favorites so far. I loved the idea he had to put his letters on flowers. We happened to have a tall glass vase of gladiolas on the kitchen table, which is probably why he had the idea in the first place. With the vase in front of me, I repeated to myself what my 8th grade art teacher taught me. "Draw what you see, not what you think you see," he would repeat. On the rare occasions that I find myself drawing something from sight, I repeat that phrase over and over to remind myself of this simple yet critical lesson in drawing.

Victor and I weren't sure what type of flowers to draw. We brainstormed lots of ideas, but none seemed easy enough to do quickly. I wasn't confident that the gladiolas would look nice either. So I just made up these spiky daisy looking things. I like the way the letters feel hidden in the flower bulbs. I was pleased with myself again today, feeling that my 8th grade art skills were surfacing in a good way over 20 years after my art class.

He looked at it and felt it was missing something, so he grabbed the Sharpie. Although I should have been encouraging, I felt a strong impulse to snatch it back. "You're going to ruin it!" I thought to tell him. But I bit my tongue. For some reason he felt that it should be surrounded by a bowl. There it is drawn around the vase. I'm glad he felt confident enough to add to the picture, but in all honesty, I do feel like he took away from a drawing I was proud of. I have a feeling I'm going to discourage him contributing in the future. I'm a terrible father aren't I?

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