Monday, September 24, 2012

I want my letters to be on the dots...

I want my letters to be on the dots...

I knew it wouldn't be very long before we got into drawing animals. I also knew that a whale would be his first choice. He's always loved whales and there are so many movies that have great whale scenes. 

After the last sack took me more than 15 minutes, I gave Victor a constraint by saying it had to be "easy" enough for me to do quickly. He understood and picked the whale. He was specific too. It had to be a humpback whale. But there was one problem, he asked for his name to be in the "dots" on his back. None of the images or drawings I saw had dots anywhere but the mouth area. They also weren't as big as what he probably remembers from the whale in Finding Nemo. I did my best. His name is small on this one and he almost couldn't find it himself. 

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