Friday, December 7, 2012

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

"When is Mother's Day?"


"I can't wait to wear fancy clothes again!"

That was a surprise to hear. He usually puts up a good fight on Mother's Day and doesn't want to wear "fancy" clothes.

"Well, we can get fancy sometime and go somewhere fancy," I suggested.

"Then I'd have to make sure I don't get my clothes dirty."

Hmm. That's what I thought. He wasn't being serious.

"What's for the snack sack today?" I asked.

"Oh, I've got an idea. When it's Christmas you get chocolate. And when you get chocolate, you get a chocolate fountain!"

Ah, now I knew where his mind was at. In the past few years for Mother's Day we've been going out for a fancy buffet brunch with friends. One of the features of the buffet that the kids love is the chocolate fountain. They usually don't overindulge, but it must create quite the impression on a youngster to see a never ending flow of chocolate. It is cool indeed!

"Daddy, where's the chocolate?" he asked when he walked over to see the finished drawing. This one was tough for me and I'm not particularly happy with it. It's never easy for me to draw from a source photograph vs a source drawing. He was right to suggest that the drawing isn't instantly recognizable. I think I'll try to stay away from source photographs in the future.

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