Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monster-y Alien 2

Monster-y Alien

We picked this monster-y alien from the "Draw 50 Aliens" book yesterday, but for the very first time that I had the time, I didn't draw a sack. We had had a rough night the night before. In fact, every single night, he plays the classic games of avoiding bedtime and all things related to our nighttime routine. I'm tired of the challenging evenings and wanted to talk to him about how to move forward. Instead of multitasking, I put my Sharpie down and focused on our conversation. It went okay, but I'm not convinced that he'll change his behavior. Parenthood is tough!

He anxiously asked me several times if I was going to draw today. I guess he truly missed it yesterday. That made me feel warm. I assured him that I would as soon as I prepared his lunch as always. I knew which one to do so I opened the book and got to work.

"Can you make this one look more like the picture? Last time you made it look nicer than the picture," he reminded us, referring to the Monster-y Alien I drew yesterday.

I took my time and tried my best not to make him look nice.

"Ooh, cool! He looks maaad."

"Alright! I guess I did a better job with this one."

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