Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dragon Head

Dragon Head

"What should we do today?"

"Remember what I said yesterday?"

"Um...I forgot."

"An ice castle."

"Oh, you mean the ice hotel we were talking about?"

"Yeah, ice hotel."

He's been enamored lately by the idea of an ice hotel and we spent some time yesterday looking through pictures of the famous JukkasjÀrvi Ice Hotel in Sweden. I looked it up again. He searched for a suitable option, but there just wasn't anything that would work.

"Remember, it won't really look like ice on the sack," I reminded him.

"Can you help me pick something else?" he asked. Before I could help, he looked up at me and suggested, "How about my ceramic dragon?"

"Dragons and dinosaurs are your favorite," I told him. Last week he had painted a dragon ceramic figurine at a local paint-your-own-pottery studio. The now polished dragon painted in red, black, green, yellow, and purple-brown was staring at us on the kitchen table.

He smiled.

"Do you really want me to draw the ceramic dragon?" 

"No. A dragon."

I ran a new search. He picked this interesting dragon head relatively quickly for a change. I got started and ran into trouble right away. He heard me mumbling to myself.

"Is it hard, Daddy?"

"The details are hard to get right," I admitted.

He came over to see. "I see one part where it's not like the picture. The eye kind of looks like the scales, not the eye."

I nodded in agreement. I did my best to cover up my mistakes. Luckily, it still looks pretty cool.

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