Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap

"What should we do today?"

He sat thinking for a while. A long while.


"I'm thinking."

"How about something from the Amazon?" I suggested.


"Oh, I mean the rainforest."

"Oh, I thought you meant the store or something."

"No, I meant the Amazon rainforest...since you've been talking about it," I clarified. His class has been studying the rainforests.

He thought about that for a moment. "Okay, a Venus flytrap!"

He searched and searched making comments about many of the options. He picked a weird scorpion, spider, combo thing that I didn't want to do. He asked if I could do it over the weekend. I prodded him to pick something for today. He finally picked this one of a regular Venus flytrap plant. This plant was more elaborate than most of the others, but I finished in relatively short order.

"You should have drawn a fly being eaten," he said when I was finished. He looked at it some more and added, "Or my name being eaten."

"Yeah, I should have," I agreed. "That would have been cool!"

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