Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Today, I didn't ask him what he wanted. Instead, I directly ran a search for "Minecraft Godzilla." He had watched a video of a Godzilla mod for Minecraft last night and asked me if I would draw it.

I handed him my iPhone and, "Oooo," was his response.

While he was browsing, I read him the options for school lunch.

"Thpptt," was his reply.


"Yup. You know the sound."


"So what is Godzilla anyway?" he asked picking a regular Godzilla, not a Minecraft one.

"I don't know exactly. It was a movie made a long time ago where this monster destroys Japan."

"What!? A monster destroys Japan!?"


"Are you serious!?"

"Yup." I guess he had no idea.

He came by to watch me work. "Did you make a mistake?"

"Not really. Not yet."

"Good, because I want Godzilla to be perfect. Godzilla is so cool right!?"

And the obsession begins, I thought.

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