Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yoyo Dodo

Yoyo Dodo

"What should we do today?"

"Looney Tunes character!"

"Okay. Which one?"

"Daffy. No. The Dodo. The Wacky Dodo. The last of the Dodos."

I wasn't sure which character he was talking about so I looked it up. "His name is Yoyo Dodo," I told him.

"Yeah! Yoyo Dodo."

"Why'd you pick him today?"

"I don't know. Yoyo Dodo is one of the weirdest characters I've seen."

I did a search, but there weren't too many options to choose from. He wasn't thrilled about picking this particular reference, but I pressed him to just pick something after he browsed for several minutes.

I like a thick stroke for cartoon characters so I tried my hand at the thick tip of the Sharpie today. As always, it was tricky to control the ink flow. Plus, the tip wasn't a full point anymore, making the whole process more difficult than it would have been with the thin tip.

He came over to take a look. "That actually looks like the picture of the Dodo, but it doesn't look like the Dodo because that's not how the Dodo acts." He pantomimed a series of gestures to relay the difference. Yoyo Dodo is a zany character and I suppose this view of him walking away didn't do his zaniness justice. After watching the cartoon in which Yoyo Dodo appears, "Porky in Wackyland," I see what he means. Oh, well, maybe next time.

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