Friday, November 9, 2012

Bread Factory

Bread Factory

Victor's Bread Factory

Sometimes we go through a lot of exploration before we settle in on the idea that makes it onto the snack. Today's went in many wild directions.

It started with him declaring, "So the snack sack today is..." He paused, looking around the room. Then suddenly pointed to a teepee on the kitchen table made of construction paper. It was an art project he had brought home the day before.

"That!" he exclaimed.

"A teepee?" I asked.

"Yeah!" he confirmed, but immediately changed his mind, "No, not a teepee. The biggest tower. Not the biggest building. The biggest tower." He continued, "I remember the biggest building. It's the Burj Khalifa." Then randomly he added, "Most sand comes from mummies."

Not knowing where he was going or what he was thinking about, I interjected, "Oh, I know, how about something from Egypt?"

"No," he said quickly.

"Like the pyramids," I suggested encouragingly.


"So the biggest tower, not the biggest building?" I said trying to get back on track.

"How about a factory?"

"What kind of factory?"

"Bread factory," he said with confidence.

I searched on Google. He looked and looked. Finally he said, "Okay, just do this one."

After I was done, he said with a smile, "Ah, that's cool! It's cool, daddy! I like it."

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