Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How about a stage with people and my letters are on their head...

How about a stage with people and my letters are on their head...

It took a long time to settle in on what to draw this morning.

"Let's do the smallest building in the world," he started. I asked him to think of something else.

"Let's just do the tallest building," he retorted. I reminded him that we'd already drawn that.

I tried to encourage him saying, "I woke up early so we can do an I SPY one." He has asked me a few times before to draw an I SPY style drawing. I've declined every time because I know that it will be very time consuming.

"No, I don't want to an I SPY one," he replied. "Okay, let's just do the tallest building."

I ignored him and asked, "How about this guitar?" holding up one of his Paper Jamz guitars.

"Oh now that gave me an idea!" he exclaimed, "How about a stage with people and my letters are on their head!"

I took my own liberties with this one and knew right when he said it that I wanted to draw a silhouetted rock band. There were plenty of rocker silhouettes to choose from and I spent quite a while trying to find the right images to work with. This would have been a traditional four piece band had I not run out of room. Oh well, it still looks cool to me. He thought so too.

"This time they will be freaked out!" he told me. When I asked him for more details about what he meant, I didn't get a clear story. What was clear is that some of his classmates look forward to seeing what's on his sack and ask him about it every morning. He delights in showing it off.

My favorite part about this morning was how it ended. After all of our indecision we ended up with a cool idea that we discovered together. He took notice and puzzled over the sequence of events.

As we were gathering our things to head out the door he asked, "When you showed me that guitar, I had an idea. How did you do that?"

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