Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maybe a little cloud with lightning and a cave...

Maybe a little cloud with lightning and a cave...

Clouds with Lightning and a Cave

"What's for the snack sack today?"

"Maybe a little cloud with lighting and a cave."

"Um, a little cloud with lighting and a cave?"

"Yeah! A cloud that covers the sky with some lightning and a cave," he said as he used his hands to pantomime the scene in the air.

I wasn't sure how to do this one, but after being criticized for my work on yesterday's penguin, I wasn't about to back down from the challenge. I decided to merge a few reference drawings together to make the scene he asked for.

He came over again today to watch my progress. "Is that the cave?" he asked pointing to the dark spot in the middle. It looks kind of like the cave from Jake and the Never Land Pirates," he observed. "Now the lighting, right?

"Not yet." I was still working the cave.

"I do lightning good!" he said proudly.

"You want to do the lightning?" I asked, fully expecting him to take the Sharpie out of my hand.

"No," he said very firmly, a serious look in his eyes. I'm not sure why he had that reaction. Perhaps he was worried that I might criticize him the way he had criticized me?

Okay!, I thought and kept working.

This one was interesting because it was a combination of things. It's kind of cool and I liked it. So did he. 

"Ooh, nice! He-he," he said chuckling when he saw the finished drawing. Then he noticed the surprise. "Daddy, look!" he exclaimed pointing to his name with a smile. "Nice!"

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