Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Cement Truck

A Cement Truck

Cement Truck

"What do you want me to do today?" I asked, then remembered, "You had an idea yesterday."

"The Disneyland Castle!"

"I'm not sure I have enough time for that."

"You do."

"Uh," changing focus I asked, "What did you think of yesterday? That wasn't it." It wasn't and I couldn't remember.

"I don't remember." Neither did he.

I took a look at options for the Disneyland Castle and, no, I definitely didn't have time to draw it. I also wondered if I had already drawn it. I couldn't remember that either.

He always tells me what to draw but, I had to pick something myself today. I really didn't have much time and he went upstairs right when I needed to get started. I searched for a few different things and landed on this cement truck. It's actually a scene of a cement truck at a construction site pouring cement on the ground.

It was going well until I realized that I didn't have enough room or time for the whole picture. I should have drawn it with the sack on its side. The coolest part of the original reference, the cement being poured onto the ground, didn't even make it in. I completely ran out of time today and just finished up what I could quickly. When he saw it as we rushed out the door, he said, "Ooo. Ooo. Pretty good."

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