Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Grade

1st Grade

1st Grade Flag with Skateboarder

"Yay! You're finally doing snack sacks!" Victor said with a vigorous enthusiasm. That put a smile on my face. It was a warm welcome to the new school year, a year I wasn't even sure would include our little bit of creativity in the mornings.

Although over the summer I considered switching things up and doing something else creative other than drawing each morning, he made it clear that he wanted me to continue adding to our collection. He absolutely loves that I draw on his snack sack each and every morning and was so excited for the first day of school to come.

I wasn't sure what to draw today but knew that I wanted to celebrate his transition into the 1st grade. I didn't ask what he wanted me to draw, which is rare, and started with a flag. He looked over the table to see what I was drawing. 

"Do you want to add something?" I asked as I finished up the flag.

"Yeah! But I'm not sure what."


"Draw a person skateboarding."

"Hmm, okay," I said looking up a silhouetted skateboarder to reference. Victor came over to my side of the table and added in the road. He went to brush his teeth and I got up to get his stuff together for school. As I was putting on my shoes I remembered that we had forgotten to write his name so I quickly added it.

When he saw it, he said, "Yes! He-he, the 'Victor' is skateboarding too. Nice!"

It's going to be a fun year, I thought.

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