Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Penguin

A Penguin


"A penguin."

I had a feeling that we've done a penguin before. I know we did some rocks with penguins on it. But maybe we haven't done just a penguin, I thought.

I ran a search and handed him my iPhone. I was relieved when he picked this simple drawing even though sometimes the simple ones are harder, as I was reminded with the polar bears from a couple of days ago.

"Isn't he cute?" he asked.

"He is," I agreed. Victor really likes penguins.

His TV show ended right when I got started so he came around to my side of the table to watch me draw.

"Um, that doesn't really look like it," he said plainly. He repeated himself, "That doesn't really look like it, does it?" He paused, then added, "You made it fatter."

I thought I was doing pretty good actually. Oh well. He sat and watched the rest of it come to life. When I was about half way done, he said, "I'm definitely bringing this one home. He's so cute!" Then he proceeded to criticize me for the rest of the time. He picked it apart telling me what didn't look right and which lines were too long or too short. I did my best to ignore him. I'm still feeling my way back into the groove of drawing every day after the summer break. I'm actually pretty pleased with this one. I avoided chicken scratching and felt good about working freely with the fat tip of the Sharpie. It definitely looks like a penguin and looks pretty close to the drawing I'd say.

"I want to take a picture!" he exclaimed after I had taken one. He's never asked to do that before so I handed him my iPhone and let him snap one of his own.

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