Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Do Another Volcano...

Let's Do Another Volcano...


"Why not do an Inca Kola bottle?" he asked me, staring at a 2-liter Inca Kola bottle on the kitchen counter. I had found a store recently that sold the national drink of Peru and took the opportunity to buy this rare treat for myself. Before I could even respond, he said, "Just kidding. Let's do another volcano."

I figured it was okay to do another volcano but I wondered if he's just stuck in a rut. "Are you out of ideas? Is that why you keep picking stuff we've already done?" I asked him sincerely.

"Yeah, I'm out of ideas," he admitted.

"Oh, well, ideas are easy. We can always come up with new ideas. We could pick categories like plants or animals or places or..."

He interrupted me, "Oh! Next time we can do Hawaii."

Okay that worked, I thought to myself. Looks like I'll need to work on giving him more fodder in the mornings. For today, though, we decided to stick with "another volcano."

After I finished, I wondered out loud, "This looks like the first volcano I did for you."

"But it's not right?"

"Actually I'm not sure." I wasn't. "It might be." It wasn't. But it was remarkably similar.

"I love the volcano, Dad!" he said bursting with joy.

"I didn't put your name on it because I didn't know if you wanted to."

"I wanted to!" he confirmed with gusto.

As he added his letters, he talked aloud again. "The 'i' is steaming...look!" he told me. "The 'R' is always sneaky, so he has to be sneaky," he added.

It's always cute to watch him take so much pride in his additions. He really does get into it.

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