Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another T-Rex

Another T-Rex


Yesterday, he brought home a dinosaur drawing book from the school library. That's the third drawing book he's brought home. I tried to resist another T-Rex, but he insisted, "Last time you drew an Allosaurus." He was right about that. But the dinosaur before that was a T-Rex.

I don't really like how these books describe the drawing process. They all start out with basic shapes to help with the proportions. Then the shapes magically transform into a cool drawing. They don't really break it down or provide true drawing tips so that the reader could truly learn how to draw. If they did, I'd be taking notes. I know I should probably block out my drawings with basic shapes, but I prefer just to eyeball it and see how it turns out. Today I was feeling brave and used the thick end of the Sharpie for the primary outline. Today's effort led to a drawing that looks very much like the reference, which is what tends to happen when I focus and am also in a good, confident mood.

He took the Sharpie again today to add his letters on his own. I find it funny how he scatters them all about, especially the ever elusive "sneaky R."

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