Friday, February 8, 2013

Skylanders: Slam Bam

Skylanders: Slam Bam

Skylanders: Slam Bam

"A rocket?"

Boy he had trouble picking something this morning. He kept throwing out ideas for things we've already done. I blurted out lots of different categories hoping to instigate a new idea, but he wasn't in the mood to brainstorm. Finally he said, "You pick."

He doesn't often give me the choice, and I don't often like taking it. But today we were running out of time and I had an idea. I asked, "How about aliens?"

"Aliens are too kookie," he informed me.

"How about something from Skylanders then?" He was wearing Skylanders pajamas today for pajama day at school.

"Yeah!" he exclaimed, excited by the prospect.

Of course he picked a complex drawing which always makes the process more stressful for me. "You picked that one on purpose," I said knowing that he understood that I was referring to its complexity. "You don't even know its name," I scolded.

"It's a character I used to play with. Um, it's a water character," he said unconvincingly. I had to look it up later, but he was right about that. It is a water character and his name is Slam Bam.

It wasn't easy but I really like how well it came out despite running out of room on one side. It's one of my better efforts. I guess I do like the challenge, even if it does stress me out under such tough time constraints in the morning.

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