Monday, November 4, 2013

Magna Charge from Skylanders Swap Force

Magna Charge from Skylanders Swap Force

"Snack sack idea?"

"Magna Charge."


"Magna Charge. It's a Skylander from Swap Force," he said helpfully. His best friend got the new Skylanders video game for his birthday and they played it together for the first time yesterday.

I'm never too excited to do these because there aren't usually simple references. This one was no different, but I sat down to take on the challenge of drawing from a photograph of the game piece.

After he finished breakfast, he scurried over. "I want to see!" he exclaimed. He took a look and said, "Oh, it's turning out pretty okay."

Pretty okay? Apparently I was getting no pass on this very detailed toy.

"Uh, his wheel is a little too fat," he added as we were packing up to go.

What he didn't notice is that the base was supposed to be an intricate set of gear bits on top of each other. I ended up simplifying it for the sake of time. Ha! He didn't catch that! I thought to myself as we stepped out the door.

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