Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wile E. Coyote on a Rocket

Wile E. Coyote on a Rocket

With exuberance he said, "The snack sack is the wolf. No, the coyote. Wile X. Coyote."

"Wile E. Coyote," I corrected.

"Wile E. Coyote," he repeated.

"Can you do this?" he asked after finding the one he wanted.

"Yeah," I said.

Perhaps I was over confident. I had to throw out 3 sacks today, the most ever. I just couldn't start it out right. First, I tried portrait orientation and drew the rocket nose way too big. Then I tried landscape orientation but drew the rocket nose crooked. For my third attempt I started with the wrong proportions. Part of my struggles were because the reference was a screen grab from a cartoon versus an outlined coloring page like I used yesterday for Bugs and Daffy. I sort of goofed up his face, but he's still recognizable enough. This one was a challenge. All in all, however, I think it turned out okay.

When I was done, he came over to take a look. I tensed up fearing his usual criticisms, but none came. "Did you make the 'Victor' kind of like the way they do 'Loony Tunes?'"


"He-he, look at Wile E. Coyote!" he said with a laugh.

I smiled too. I was happy that he was happy.

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