Thursday, February 6, 2014

Robot Knight

Robot Knight

His "How to Draw Robots" book was due back to the school library today so I knew we'd be doing one last robot.

I did not wake up with the same energy that I had yesterday so when he picked this robot knight, I gave an internal sigh. It was just about as complex as yesterday's robot man. I wondered if my low mood would affect the outcome. To my surprise, it did not. I worked for over 30 min with the Extra Fine Tip Sharpie again. I like how it gives me more control. I worked deliberately, but felt rushed toward the end. I had to draw the lower half of his body in half the time I did his upper half.

I was disappointed that I hadn't left enough room for the full sword; but, I am happy that the angles and proportions came out pretty good. It's not quite as tight as yesterday's but it still looks cool. 

"He's fat Daddy," was what Victor had to say when he saw it finished.

"No he's not," I said defensively.

"To me he is. His shoulders are a little puffy."

I ignored him and packed up our stuff to go. After all my work, it was a little disappointing that he was critical. I could have used some good will today to boost my spirits.

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