Friday, February 7, 2014


Virgin Galactic SpaceShipOne

The new library book he brought home was, "How to Draw Planes." He picked SpaceShipOne.

I've followed Virgin Galactic's progress for years now. Very early on in their development, I even considered investing the $250,000 for a ticket. Going up into space would be quite an amazing experience. I'm also curious what the resale value of the ticket could be. It seems to me that some rich folks would be willing to pay millions to be one of the first passengers if and when the project reaches its goal. My guess, however, is that the ticket isn't transferable. Oh well, it's not like I have a spare $250,000 to apply to the investment, but it's fun to think about anyway.

"You're doing good daddy."

There it was, the encouragement I was looking for yesterday. "Thanks," I said.

"That was easy," he said. "You did that quickly."

"There was a lot less detail on this one," I told him.

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