Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

"I know what you're drawing today," he said without me asking, channeling his inner Phineas. "Remember the mean Dr. Doofenshmirtz?"

"Yeah," I replied. He had called him "eee-vil" yesterday when he picked him before we settled in on a more complex scene with Dr. Doofenshmirtz fighting Perry.

"That's what you're drawing today."


"That's going to be easy!" he told me.

I wasn't so sure about that. I tried extra hard to focus on the details and proportions. I really wanted to get his eyebrows right but didn't. He looks good overall though.

He smiled when he saw it and a said, "Yes!"

I don't know why, but I started rushing when I was doing the name. Like a dummy, I spelled it wrong and left off the "H." Duh! I wanted to start all over but, of course, there was no time and nothing I could do about it.

He didn't mention it so I asked him, "Did you notice your name?"

He read it out loud in a funny way, not quite pronouncing it right. He smirked, but didn't say anything, which I think means he thought it was weird. Oh well. He didn't make mention of the spelling error either, presumably because he has no idea how it's supposed to be spelled.

What he did say was, "On the weekend can you do two snack sacks? For two of my friends?" He was going to have a playdate with them on Saturday. "I want you to show them how you do it."

That's new. I'm being commissioned!

This one came back home. He really liked it. That night over dinner, we started talking about Hubble's incredible photos from the deep reaches of outer space. I had the idea to display my iPhone screen onto our TV via Apple TV to appreciate them. We scanned through a few pics and then he said, "Hey! Can you show the snack sacks so that they just play."

"I can!" I set the album on my iPhone to play in slideshow mode. We watched the whole set of 260+ snack sacks with our eyes glued to the TV. We kept staring and making little comments. We both thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the work and he complimented me throughout. It was a very sweet moment.

"How are you so good?" he asked when the slideshow had run its course.

"All I do is try," I answered.

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