Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Robot Man

Robot Man

"Are we going to do a robot or something else?" I asked directly. We had misplaced the "How to Draw Robots" book, but I found it yesterday.

"A robot," he said.

He picked this robot man that looks like a transformer. I considered following the instructions and steps but decided to just do it my way. I had plenty of time today for a change, so I took my time. I wanted to get this one right and proportional. I usually use the Ultra Fine Point end of the twin-tipped Sharpie, but today I switched it out for an Extra Fine Point Sharpie I had in the drawer. It allowed for me to focus in on the detailed features of his face. I stuck with it for the rest of the drawing. This was the very first time I'd used this more precise Sharpie and I enjoyed working with it. I'm very proud of how the drawing turned out.

I was so lost in the work, in fact, that I forgot that I still had things to do to get ready. I was out of time and I still had to go upstairs to change. He was studying the drawing when I ran back downstairs.

"What do you think of this guy?" I asked out of breath.

"Oh, he's cool!" he replied.

It was hoping for a bigger reaction, but I can tell that he really liked it since he brought this one home after school.

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