Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Olaf Smelling a Flower

Olaf Smelling a Flower

"What should we do today?"

"How about Elsa?"

"No. I've already done Elsa."

"How about another Olaf?"

This is starting to become a pattern. I've already done Olaf too. He's been stuck in a rut, picking things we've done in the past. I thought about it and decided to give him a pass with Olaf. He's been coming home just about everyday with a new drawing he's done with Olaf in it. "Okay," I said reluctantly.

He took a long time searching through the options and finally said, "This one."

I have to admit that I didn't like his choice but decided not to refuse it. I wasn't in a very good mood to begin with this morning and drawing a repeat subject in a scene I wasn't too keen on left me feeling uninspired. I just wanted to finish quickly, so I did.

To my surprise, he brought this one home today after school.

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