Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Supermarine S.6B

Supermarine S.6B Racing Seaplane

After being home sick for the last few days we're now back to our normal routine. His cough is better and he's much more energetic, finally.

We still had the "How to Draw Planes" book and decided to use it since it was due back to the school library today. I was surprised he picked this old-school Supermarine S.6B racing seaplane. I was expecting him to pick a fighter jet.

I sat down feeling stressed for time although I had plenty. Toward the end, I started to rush, feeling extra pressure for no apparent reason. Staying home with him meant several days away from the snack sacks. The disruption to my own routine seems to have had an impact on my confidence.

"It's good," he said without much emotion, "but you missed a line." There it is. His old critical self. He's definitely feeling back to normal. :)

"Which one?" I asked.

He pointed to the propeller. I explained that since it was in motion it didn't have the line in the source drawing either. He understood and we headed out the door for another day of school and work.

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