Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Explosion

An Explosion


He thought for a bit today. "An explosion," he said finally.

"An explosion?"

"Yeah! Like from a bomb or something."

"Um, I don't know if I like that."

"How come?"

"Because I don't like bombs. Bombs are kind of scary to me."

I did a search anyway and was surprised by what I saw. I didn't mind the pictures too much since they were mostly big puffs of smoke. I handed him the iPhone and he picked one after some time. 

I didn't like this one that he chose because there were no hard lines. None at all. "It won't look like it," I warned.

But he prodded me, "Just try," he said with extreme warmth. He gets very encouraging when I doubt myself. That's cute and I appreciate his support.

As I do all mornings, I jotted down our dialog quickly into the Notes app on my iPhone before I got started. I always take notes on our interactions in the moment and then write the full blog post later. He noticed me writing this note today and asked me about it. "Are you writing about what we were saying?"


"You can write that you're sorry if it doesn't look so good. And if it does, then you can say thank you," he told me.

He's funny. I took a deep breath as I got to work trying to recreate this plume of bomb blasted smoke. 

About half way through, he finished his breakfast and walked over to my side of the table. "Wow it's starting to look like it! It's really starting to look like it!" he said with great enthusiasm.

"I'm trying," I said with a sigh.

"You're doing perfect. No, better than perfect!" he exclaimed working to boost my confidence.

I worked steadily trying my best to match what I saw as best I could. After I was done he said with bright eyes, "Oh I love it! I love it Daddy!" He made me smile and I gave him a big hug.

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