Thursday, June 20, 2013



Mickey Mouse

Victor woke up earlier than usual at 6:30. My wife was sick and slept in. I had hardly slept at all. It was a slow and grumpy start for me.

We had a hard time picking something for the sack today, perhaps because we were tired. He had no ideas and I wasn't much help.

Then he got distracted by our paper mâché volcano. It's on our countertop waiting to be painted. 

"Can I please paint it this morning, Daddy?" he asked.

We had plenty of time actually since we woke up early, but I'm too tired to deal with the mess. Plus, I had a morning meeting to call into. 

"Sorry. Not now," I told him, "I have a meeting to call into. Just focus on something for me to draw."

He was stumped for what to pick. He searched the table for inspiration. He picked up a pin we got at Cars Land with Lightning McQueen on it. "How about this?"

"You can choose anything you want. You don't have to just pick something that's right in front of you."

"I can't think of anything."

"Think of something else from Disneyland."

"I know, the World of Colors."

"I can't do that and you know that."

We exchanged words about why that was and I got frustrated. He just couldn't pick anything so I picked for him. 

I wanted something easy so I picked this classic Mickey face. It came out okay. I almost chose not to do a sack at all today, but am happy that I just pushed through the rough morning.

"Why didn't you do Epic Mickey?" he asked when he saw it.

Oh well, I thought, as we headed out the door.

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