Friday, May 2, 2014

A Cobra


He's been studying the rainforest at school and I've been trying to get him to think of rainforest things for a few days. Despite my prodding, he's been hesitant to choose anything from the rainforest. Today I didn't ask him. I just did a search for "rainforest animals" and handed him my iPhone. I stepped away for a minute to start a load of laundry. When I came back, the phone was sitting on the table.

"Did you pick something?" I asked him.



"A snake."

I picked up the phone to take a look. "Ooh, a cobra!"

We've actually never done a snake which is surprising. I was hoping for something relatively easy today and I got my wish. This one wasn't very complicated.

"Can you make the tail longer he asked?"


"Because I don't like it when the tail is short."

"Okay. How would it go if it was longer?"

He used his finger, pressed to the phone, and showed me how the snake's tail would be if it were longer.

"So, straight up over its head?"


"Okay, I can do that."

When I was finished, I retraced over the entire outline, something I rarely do. I'm not sure if I like the results, though. Some thick strokes ended up in the wrong places. I also don't usually change the drawing, but I'm happy with the extended tail.

Since this one was easy, I finished with plenty of extra time. "Do you want to write your name today?" I asked him.

"Yes!" he shouted. I opened the drawer to get him a different Sharpie. "Can I use the silver one?" he asked.

I figured, What the hell? but gave him a lecture about not pressing so hard. I demonstrated that the marker writes just fine with zero pressure.

"I can do it. I won't press hard. I don't think so. Please!"

I gave him a stern look and handed over the silver Sharpie, pretty sure the tip would be pressed flat in a matter of seconds. I went upstairs to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. When I came back, I saw what appeared to be a bunch of silver scribbles on the sack.

"Are you finished?"


"What's that you drew?"

He said, "Here's 'T.' He's falling down. Here's 'V.' He's sliding down. Here's 'i.' He's just chillin'. Here's 'c.' He's playing checkers. And here's 'r.' He's splashing into the water."

I wasn't sure where "o" was and didn't ask him. I couldn't help but smile at his never ending imagination. He's just like me, but even more so. He doesn't want anything to be boring.

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