Tuesday, May 6, 2014



"What should we do today?"

"Can you do another character from Looney Tunes?"

"Sure. Which character?"

"Um, let me think." Without any pause, he rapidly shifted gears. "Instead, let's do Pikachu," he said.

I honestly know nothing about Pikachu or Pokémon and I'd bet he doesn't know much more than me. Perhaps he's played the game at a friend's house. He seems to especially like Pikachu for some reason, though. He picked this scene although he anticipated that I would refuse. I was actually was happy to do another scene and this picture was simple enough.

He finished his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and came back to the kitchen. "Are you finished?" he asked.


"Cool!" he exclaimed, taking a closer look. "He-he," he laughed, "It looks funny."

"Does it?"

He ignored me. "Did you already write my name?"


"Can I?"


He took his time and found a clever spot for it. "Look Dadda. I did my name like rocks."

"Cool!" I exclaimed, mimicking his delivery. We both smiled at each other and headed toward the entryway to put on our shoes.

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