Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Funny Gorilla

Funny Gorilla

Victor is going to be in a school play about the rainforests and rainforests' animals. He is playing the part of a gorilla. We are responsible for coming up with a creative costume for him to wear in the play. While we searched last night for costume ideas, he saw a cartoon gorilla that made him laugh hard.

"It's so funny, right? Can you draw this tomorrow on my snack sack?" he pleaded.

"Yeah," I agreed.

I tried to find it again this morning, but couldn't track it down. I searched and searched. We began searching together. We found many other gorilla faces that made him laugh and a few that were scary.

"If you can't find the other one, can you do this one?" he asked. "His face is angry!"

"I'm running out of time," I said, feeling a bit anxious. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to finish the angry gorilla. I kept searching for the one we saw yesterday because I remembered that it looked pretty easy. It took another couple of minutes, but I finally found the one I was looking for. We agreed to do this funny gorilla today and the angry one tomorrow. I could see us doing silly gorillas for weeks. There are lots of funny options. We'll see how it goes.

When he saw my finished drawing, he laughed and giggled. His laugh is infectious and, soon, I was laughing and giggling too. I wish all our mornings were filled with such laughter.

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