Monday, May 5, 2014

Wile E. Coyote Chasing The Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote Chasing The Road Runner

"What's for the snack sack today?"

"Give me a category."


Before I could start, he said dejectedly, "I'm a brainstormer failure."

I'm guessing he felt bad about asking me for help, thinking that being a good "brainstormer" meant coming up with new ideas by himself. I let the comment slide, not wanting to get into it, and just gave him some categories, "More from the Amazon. Candy. Cartoon characters."

He cut me off. "Candy is too easy for you."

"Victor, I don't want to do things that are hard for me. I just want it to be cool, not hard. Do you understand?"

He didn't reply. "Looney Tunes. What haven't we done from Looney Tunes?"

I named a few characters as I searched for Looney Tunes options on my iPhone.

"How about Road Runner?" he suggested after some browsing.

"Sure. We've never done him."

"Can you search for 'Road Runner'? There's not very much here."

I did.

He picked quickly. "I found it! Can you do it?" he aked with apprehension, presumably because it was a whole scene and included Wile E. Coyote.


A big smile came over his face. "Daddy, how are you so good at drawing?"

"I try."

He finished his breakfast and came over to my side of the table. I was just about finished. "Oh, cool! Are you done? Oh, no, you have not done The Road Runner's feet."

"He doesn't have any feet in the picture. See?"

"Yeah, he does."

"Not really," I said pointing to the cyclone that represented his running feet. "Those are his legs and feet but they are going so fast it looks like a tornado."

"Yup," he said, finally getting it. "The coyote looks kind of funny, doesn't he?"

"He does."

"That looks super cool. Awesome!"

I added the scenery as he watched.

"Oh my gosh, that looks super cool! Can I write my name?"

"Yes, but you have to do your reading first."

He read more diligently than usual, giving himself plenty of time to add his name. He left a gap where the "o" should have been. "Where's the 'o'?" I asked him.

"Up here," he said, pointing toward The Road Runner's tail. "It's a trick."

"Um, that looks weird, but, okay."

He changed his mind and added the "o" to the other letters. I think Looney Tunes has been our most popular subject. I really do enjoy drawing the characters I loved as a child and it's wonderful to see Victor grow attached to them as well.

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