Thursday, May 29, 2014

Angry Gorilla

Angry Gorilla

I was able to get right to work this morning since we had already picked out an angry gorilla before we settled on the funny gorilla I drew yesterday. I started from the angry gorilla's mouth, drew around it, and then up. I always get nervous about getting the proportions wrong when I don't start top-down, but it came out pretty good.

When he saw it, he exclaimed, "Whoa! It looks a lot more scarier than that one!" He pointed to the original reference.

It did, kind of, I thought.

"Can you do my name super sharp?" he asked of me. I tried with the "V" shooting for something like the gorilla's teeth. "That looks like a leaf," he informed me.

I remained silent, but I had to agree with him.

"I mean sharp," he said. He took the Sharpie and did it himself. "Like that!"

"Fair enough," I said. I took back the Sharpie and continued adding details to the drawing. The reference was a cartoon picture, so the color and shading was hard to emulate. I did my best.

He finished his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and did his morning reading all very swiftly today. He came up to me and asked, "Can I mess around?"


"Can I get started on my Pop-Tarts box?"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed. He had brought home a drawing he had done of a Pop-Tarts box, copying the style of the famous pop artist Burton Morris. I guess they had covered this at school. Upon closer inspection, what he had drawn was actually a mashup of Burton Morris's popcorn box and Pop-Tarts art. It was a drawing of popcorn with the Pop-Tarts art on the popcorn box.

He sat next to me, beginning to draw over his pencil lines with a Sharpie. "Dadda?" he said without looking up.


"I love you."

"I love you!" I said with a warm feeling in my chest.

We sat drawing together, side by side, for 10 minutes as I added in details and shading to the angry gorilla and he added to his pop art.

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