Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Castle

A Castle


"A castle."

"We've already done a castle."

"Not a sand castle, a real castle."

"We've already done a real castle."

"No we haven't." I showed him the picture. "Oh well, let's do another castle." We've done so many now, we are both forgetting what we've already done.

"Okay, but it can't be too detailed."

He wanted me to draw a castle on a hill. He picked this one although the hill was hardly noticeable. He later revealed, after I had started, that he actually wanted me to draw something else... a particularly "spooky looking castle." I guess he felt it had too much detail and picked this one instead.

Again this morning, I wasn't really into it, probably due to remnant feelings carrying over from yesterday. 

He watched me today all throughout and asked about each part I was doing. He corrected me a few times and looked intently at the picture as I drew. When I messed up, he analyzed the differences between the reference and my drawing, freely offering up his critiques.

There were plenty of mistakes in this one. I personally hate that the foggy hilltop below the castle looks like clouds with rain coming out of them. He said I should have drawn the hill all dark. Perhaps he was right.

He took the Sharpie to add his letters. "I know where to put them," he assured me. 

He talked as he filled them in, "The 't' looks like this because it is diving."

"Is that cool?" he asked to no one. "The 'o' looks like a comet," he continued. "The 'r' has to be somewhere hiding." 

"Ah, yes, the sneaking R...always hiding", I thought.

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