Thursday, January 10, 2013

How about a meteor falling...

How about a meteor falling...

Meteor falling

"I know exactly what to do! How about a meteor falling?"

I handed him my iPhone but asked him not to pick one with the Earth in it because I thought it'd be too hard for me to do. He picked one with the Earth in it anyway.

I was a little annoyed and it showed in my stare back at him. He raised his voice and started complaining, "Why do you always not do the one I ask you to do. You always..." I cut him off. I like a challenge but I knew I didn't have the time today. We exchanged a few more unpleasantries but I relented. I figured to just do it without paying much attention to the details.

As I was drawing it he said, "Oh my gosh! It looks just like it. Well, maybe not." I had to agree.

When he was finished with his breakfast he asked, "Can I watch you? I never get to watch you." He walked around to my side of the kitchen table and sat next to me as I wrapped things up. I think this was his way of apologizing and attempting to smooth things over between us. I welcomed the attention and company.

"Are you finished?" he asked unsure. I nodded. "Well, that doesn't really look like Earth." I had to agree.

He grabbed the marker from the table and added more lines and clouds. I asked him to go ahead and write his own name on there. He did and added, "they're scared," referring to his letters as he drew eyes and expressive eyebrows over each one. I love it when he does that. 

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