Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year Times Square

New Year Times Square

New Years Time Square

"You said yesterday that you knew what you wanted for the snack sack today," I reminded him.

"Oooh, yes! It's a surprise. I'm not going to tell you!" he said coyly.

"Come on. I need to do it," I prodded.

"It's Happy 2012 New Years with fireworks!"

I searched Google Images myself this time because I knew exactly the type of drawing I wanted to do...New Year Times Square.

He didn't watch me work this time. He finished his breakfast and went to brush his teeth. When he came back to take a look he said, "Oh my gosh! That is awesome!! That is cool, cool, cool!!!"

At school I saw him showing it off to the kids next to him in line. He stopped his teacher on his way into class to show her. He was very excited.

Later he told me, "This is the coolest of all." Needless to say, he brought it home.

"Oh you like this one?" I asked.

"The most!" he said.

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