Friday, October 4, 2013

Mickey Mouse Riding a Scooter in Croissant de Triomphe

Mickey Mouse Riding a Scooter in Croissant de TriompheSneaky R and the r Billd-ing

"What should we do today?"

He mumbled something I didn't understand.


He strung a bunch of random thoughts together still not making much sense. After some more probing, I was able to discern that he was describing the Mickey Mouse short with the fish in it. It's called Gasp! and I did a search for stills from it. In the end, though, he picked this image from the French one, Croissant de Triomphe, where Mickey rushes throughout Paris to get Minnie fresh bread for her bakery across town.

I worked slowly and steadily on this one because I had plenty of time. He wrapped up early too and came over to watch me draw. 

"Can I color in the arms?" he asked.

"Sorry. I'm still working on it," I said coloring them in myself. I was focused on making it all come together.

"Can I color in the next thing?" he persisted.

I could see that he really wanted to contribute today. I was pleased with how it was turning out which actually made me a little reluctant to share drawing duties. But I do love it when he shows his own creativity on the sacks. I decided to save the leg for him to color in. "Sure. When I'm done."

"Can I do the mouth?"

"You can. Later."

"Are you going to do the detail?"

"I don't think I'll have time for the city in the background."

"Can I do it?" I could tell he was anxious to get his turn.

"Here," I said as I finished, handing over the Sharpie.

He went to it. I expected him to add the "detail" of the city, but instead he added a "meteor" around the scooter, "because it's going so fast."

As he continued to add lots of lines to the drawing, I couldn't resist passing on a little reminder, "Too much stuff makes it not easy to see what the picture is."

He pretty much ignored me and I decided to just let him have at it. He added his letters with expressive eyes, something he hasn't done in quite a long time. He added streaks to each letter because of their "speed." Of course the "R" had to be sneaky and ended up on the back as part of the "r Billd-ing" complete with a flag on top.

I finally had to stop the flow of creativity when he started pounding in the dots on the R, effectively ruining the Sharpie. By this point he had gotten marker all over his face. I sent him to wash up and did my best to admire his additions.

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