Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Toy Story Space Alien

Toy Story Space Alien

I asked him several times about today's snack sack and he ignored me. I walked up to him and asked him very directly, "You're not going to pick anything?"

"No," he replied, "you pick."

He sounded pretty resolute so I didn't press him to brainstorm. I bet he's sore because he's been in trouble lately. In fact, he's grounded indefinitely until he shows that he can be more responsible and mature. He's actually a really good kid, but knows how to push our buttons and has been taking it a bit too far this past week.

I decided to do something from Toy Story because he had a Toy Story theme day at his summer program today. After browsing through lots of options, I decided to do the space alien trio who say, "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful." I ran out of time though and could only draw one of them.

"I want to see! Which one did you do?"

Ah, so he does care! I thought.

"Ah! He-he," he laughed. "Cool!"

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