Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mickey Mouse Screaming in Yodelberg

Mickey Mouse Screaming in Yodelberg

"A monster truck."

"We've done several monster trucks already."



"Okay. Something else from the Mickey Mouse cartoons." He thought for a moment. "From the snowy place," he clarified. He was talking about the short Yodelberg in which Mickey tries to avoid starting an avalanche as he tries to get to Minnie who lives at the very top of the mountain.

I did a search and the moment I saw this snapshot of Mickey yelling I knew he would pick it. He did.

"Won't be easy, but let's see," I said optimistically. "I knew you'd pick this one."

"It's funny isn't it? How did you know I'd pick it?"

"Because it stands out."

"Yeah it does." He watched me as I worked. "Don't forget to not connect the tail," he cautioned quite observantly. The tail was indeed disconnected from Mickey's body. "It's so funny," he repeated, studying the finished drawing. "You're missing something," he informed me as he took hold of the Sharpie. He re-outlined the tail and made it "a little fatter."

Just as it looked like he might do a major overhaul to the whole drawing, I said, "Enough." It was time for some morning reading so we settled into the sofa, he in my lap, to read a story.

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