Friday, March 1, 2013

A Bread Machine

A Bread Machine

Bread Machine

"A machine."

"We've already done a machine. You have to be more specific."

"Like a bread machine or something."

"We've already done a bread machine."

"No, that was a bread factory."

"Well we've already done a cake machine."

"No, that was a cake factory."

He had me beat at every turn! I couldn't find any drawings of a bread machine, so I had to use a photograph as a reference.

As I drew, he read to me his school level reader books. This morning, he decided to read with his large stuffed dog which he had brought downstairs for breakfast. He coached his stuffed dog on how to read and they traded off taking turns as he flipped the pages. He was the teacher and the stuffed dog the student. It was super cute and overshadowed the mundanity of drawing a bread machine.

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