Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do you think you can do this castle?

Do you think you can do this castle?


"Do you think you can do this castle?" he asked as his head pointed toward his Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle toy. "I can close it if you want," he added in an effort to make it seem more reasonable. It had a feature to expand or collapse the castle walls. He knows that I found it difficult to do his piggy bank yesterday and that I prefer to work from a drawing instead of a physical object, so I must have had a concerned look on my face. As I stared at him he added, "You don't have to do all of the detail." He's cute when he tries to cajole.

I ran out of room early on, not having planned out the landscape very well. I skimped on the details as best I could and worked quickly to finish in time. He came by and said cheerfully, "Oooh, you're doing good! I love it! Where's my name?" He looked for a moment, then said, "Oh there it is. If I was going to put my name I know where I'd put it."

"You want to put your name?" I offered.

"Can I?"


As we walked out of the house we ran into one of his friends. He quickly took the snack sack up to him and said, "Look at all the detail my Dad did on this castle!" He was so proud and here I was thinking that I had taken shortcuts.

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