Monday, March 11, 2013

My Piggy

My Piggy

Piggy Bank

"What's for the snack sack today?"

"My piggy?" He was referring to his Angry Birds King Pig piggy bank. He broke the crown off of it yesterday. We glued it back on and had left it to dry overnight on the kitchen table.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy to draw considering it was a round physical object in front of me versus my usual outline drawing reference. I messed up early on and considered starting over. Instead, I decided to just power through.

As I drew, he looked over my shoulder. "Can you make it 3D? It doesn't look 'out,'" he informed me. "Actually this eye looks 'out,'" pointing to the left one, "but the other does not." I did my best to add some shading but that still didn't really meet his expectations.

I added the coins at his request before he took over the Sharpie and went crazy with the arrows. 

"Less is more," I reminded him several times, but he kept adding to it. 

"The 'r' is gonna be so tricky," he said as he began finding spots for the letters in his name. It was indeed tricky. It ended up on the back of the sack as it did a couple of weeks ago.

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