Friday, March 15, 2013

An Owl

An Owl

An Owl

"How come you never pick? I'm tired of always picking," he complained.

"Oh. You want me to pick something?"


"Okay," I said surprised that he passed on the picking responsibility to me this morning. I was just downloading the App of the Week from the App Store. It was an app from Big Fish Games called Little Things Forever. It had an owl on the app icon, so I picked an owl. I did a Google Image search and was about to pick one myself, but decided he should still pick it. Since we didn't have much time, I asked him to pick one that didn't have a lot of detail. Few did, but I was sure he'd pick the most complicated one as he usually does. He didn't.

He picked this one because, in his words, "He's so cute!" As I drew, he kept saying, "He's so cute!" or "Aw, how cute!" or "I can't stop looking at him he's so cute!" He remarked how cute he was over and over again. "The eyes are so big that it makes him cute. Why's he so cute? He's just so cute!"

The owl ended up much skinnier than in the reference drawing. He noticed of course and said, "You should have made him fat, then he'd be even cuter!" I'm not sure how that would have been possible considering his reaction to this one.

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